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Z/Enter/Spacebar - Confirm/Interact

Shift - Run

X - Menu/Inventory a




Strange Boy






Starting Area (Red Room)

Click on the mirror. Click on the gold glowy thing behind you. Click on the mirror again. Grab the red thing behind you now Go out the door to your right.

Insert the marble where it says to.  This will open the door below you.  

Marble Area

The game will tell you to put the marble you just got into one of those holes.  Go ahead and do that.

BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER: Check out that neat savebox.  Now would be a good time to save.  Enter the room below you.

Green Room

Once you enter the green room, go right & look at the drawing on the wall.  A piece of paper will appear on the door.  Check that out, then go check the wall on the other side of the door. (the one with the single rose).

You can now leave the room.

Note: Don't be creeped out by the doll.

Marble Area 

Insert the marble into the hole to the left of the red marble by selecting it from your menu.  From there, the room to your right will open up.  Go in it.

Purple Room

Check out the table & quill.  Once you read what it said, go on the left or right side of the table, and push it either way.  Behind it will be a hole with a marble. 

Choose to reach for it, and then get ready to slam either z, spacebar, or both (both is faster).

You can now leave the room.

Marble Area 

Place the purple marble in it’s hole (the one right in front of you if you just left the room). You can now go in the upper door.

Blue Room

Check out the curtains straight ahead of you in the room/look out the window. Then go click on the curtains to the left of you.  It doesn’t matter what you tell them, they’ll give you the marble anyway.

You can now leave the room.  

Marble Area 

Place the marble in the hole right below you.  This will reactivate the red room you woke up in.  Click on the door & choose “force it open”.

Red Room 

To the left of the bed of flowers you woke up on, check out that line of pixels.  Surprise!  It’s a finger.   Check out where that finger is pointing to (the left wall).  Read the riddle. Go back to the main marble room.

Marble Area 

In the main room, click on the left window.  Boom!  Marble.  

Ok, now click on the hole in the middle.  The main character gives you an idea what to put in that one.  (it’s your pocket mirror of course!) Place the mirror in.  The room will shake & give you some stairs. PICK UP THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU LEAVE unless you want a game over.  Leaving the Mirror behind in certain places is always an instant game over. Leave to the next room.


Book Room

Go up the stairs, & go all the way left.  Read the diary on the floor.   The doll you saw in the room will get up and walk into the mirror in the bottom of the room.  

Follow her into the mirror.

Red Carpet

Go check out that red ribbon in the center of the room.  Click on either statue besides it.

Right Door

Go to where the crying sound is (in the upper left corner).  Talk to the shadow there.  They’ll give you an idea of what you need to do.  Talk to the pumpkin twice.  It will also give you a hint on what to do.

There’s a mirror piece on the floor.  Go to the right of it & push it 3 steps left (to where you can run back around and push it from below).  Push it one step up, then push it one step right.   You want it to be on the small red eye drawn onto the floor.  

Light will shine on the mirror piece, & the light will shine onto another part of the floor (the big red eye!).  Put your Pocket Mirror there.

Talk to the creature.  They’ll give you an eye. PICK UP THE POCKET MIRROR and leave.

You can place the red eye in the right statue right now if you’d like.

Left Door

Go all the way down the hall.  Click on the portrait.  Walk away from the portrait.  Walk back when the exlamation point appears. Talk to the painting.  You have to give her the mirror if you want to leave the room. Click on the painting directly across from the one who just took your mirror.  Pluck her eye out and run back to the entrance, and press Z/Space/both on the door until it opens.  Leave the room.

Ok, now go back in the room to get your Pocket Mirror back from the painting who took it (unless you feel like giving yourself a game over).  Leave again.  

Red Carpet

Place the red eyeball in the Right statue, and the Blue one in the left one.  Go through the door.

Now would be a good time to save.

Dark Hall

Go Straight until you can’t go straight any more.  Then go left until you can’t go left anymore (much shorter).  Then go up again.  You’ll reach a pumpkin.  From the pumpkin, go left, then up, then left again.  You’ll hear something clatter on the floor - that’s something you’re going to need to enter the next room.  It’s a fork and a knife - the door won’t unlock unless you pick it up.

Go up from where you pick them up.  

Dinning Hall

It’s still dark.  Go up until you see something that’s blue & gold - that’s a chair.  Walk right until you come to the end of the table. Go up, & click on the flame on the end of the table.  That should give you some light.

To make the room come alive, read the piece of paper on the left side of the fireplace.

Sit in that chair at the end of the table.  The Queen will then ask you a question: What will the she order tonight? The pink spirit at the top gives you a hint/the answer.

Answer: It’s the Queen’s Favorite Cookie Cups.

You can find a key in the deserted chocolate cake (bottom right).

Once everyone leaves, you can go into the door that the Queen came out of earlier.

Go to that bottle in front of the door.  Go into the door (it was fake earlier, but now it’s not). Use the potion in front of the door.


Go to the center of the room.  You’ll be transported to the dance.

Talk to the bunny head on the couch.  He’ll give you the task of grabbing body parts. Go to the door on the left.

Riddle Room

There’s a savebox here.  Now is a good time to save.

Go up.  Talk to the pumpkin in the center, then talk to the box marked #4.  Open it.  Click yes to the question it ask you.  It’s a riddle contest.  You could either figure out all the questions yourself (with help from the ringmaster pumpkin below) or you can just follow my guide below.  Whatever you do, Save here.  If you get 3 riddles wrong, you get a game over.

Here are the answers in order:

6 3 7 1 5 2 4

And the last one, if you haven’t figured it out already, is a key.

Go back to the main ballroom.  Use the Dazzling key on the right door on the bottom wall.

Rose Mirror Room

I’m just going to go from left to right, but you can go in which ever mirror you’d like first.  Before you go through the red one, go ahead and save.  If you’re missing something from the mirror world, that means you haven’t found all the items there.  


Walk out of the room. Check out the ballroom.   When asked answered “Something I lost.”  Sit either next to the pumpkin or on the other side of the Queen & wait for the cutscene to be over.

Once that’s over, click on the rabbit on the top right, the fox on the top left.   Click on the rabbit on the bottom left.  Now you can leave through the mirror you came from.

Backtrack - Ballroom Drop off the parts in front of the rabbit & fox head.  You’ll do this each time you go through one of the mirrors.


Go out of the mirror room & into the ballroom. Click on the fox to the right of you. Click on the fox by the riddle door.

Go into the bottom left door. Go to the left where the noise is coming from.  Click on the cabinet. After you talk to the fox, go outside.  Rat her out to the guards. Take her arm. Leave.

Don’t forget to backtrack!

Blue Go out of the room.  Watch the cutscene.  They’ll give you a bag. Go to your inventory & click on the bag.  Boom, body parts.

Now you can leave.

Ballroom Remember leave the body parts there.   Talk to the rabbit again after you drop the parts off.

Go to the room in the bottom left.

Party Room

Talk to the fox in the light blue dress.  She’ll give you a needle.  

Go back to the ballroom.

Ballroom Use the needle on Mr. Rabbit. You just walk up to Mrs. Fox & talk to her, & it’ll give you the option.

Ok, now you got the key.  Head to the upper door and use the key on it!

Library Theater

Go take a seat & watch the cutscene.  Then leave.


Wait for the event, then go into the right hand room.

Cat Room

There’s a savebox here.  Remember to save.

The Queen’s Throne Room

Go up & talk to the queen.  Then slam the shift key as soon as it’s over. Head to the cake on the right you passed earlier, & choose “Take the cake.” This way, you can defeat the guards.

Head up to the room that the Queen went into.

Dark Room

Go up. Check out that thing you’re seeing.  Then go left & head through the door.

Trunk Room

Click on the trunk.  Now leave.

Dark Room

Go to the right room.

Door Puzzles

Here’s the answers in order:

  1. Yellow
  2. Heart
  3. F

Key Room

The yellow key with the “F” on it is our key. Go out through the bottom left (it’s a bit hard to see).

Go back to the Trunk Room.

Trunk Room

Use the gold key on the trunk.

Congrats, Fleta has been added to your party!  Walk her to the dark room, and then back to the trunk room.  Go to the rose gate.  The game will take it from here



The Rose Garden

There’s a save box underneath the tree.  Now is a good time to save.

Head up.  You’ll interact with the tree.  It will give you a hint on how to get out.

Head left.  You can go any way you’d like, and you’ll end up at the same place.  Watch the cutscene.  

Now it’s time for the rest of the maze. Fleta will leave you if you screw up too many times (or if you visit the Pumpkin king by going to the left path & then up), but you can meet up with her again at the gazebo.

How to get through the maze: Up, Right, Talk to the Pumpkin With the Party Hat, Left

Congrats, you’re out without losing Fleta.   Just go up to the door and talk to it there.

Fleta’s House

There’s a savebox here.  Now is a good time to save.

————————– MAIN ENDING DIVERGENCE ————————

The endings are decided as follows:

  • Obtained all the good endings from each of the characters.  Good endings give you regalia, the little gold trinkets each character has (you picked up Egliette’s earlier with the knife & fork).  This one branches out to 2 other endings when you get there, but you only need to load a previous save file to see it.
  • Got at least 1 bad ending from one of the characters.  This leads to one ending.   You won’t need to make an extra save file for this one yet, we’ll do that later for the last character’s ending. 
  • Got the bad endings for all characters. 

As there is a New Game Plus mode, I would decide now if I wanted to do an all good or all bad run now and then do the other later.  The incomplete ending can be obtained by making two saves at a certain savepoint in Area 4 (Lisette’s area) so you don’t have to go through the whole game again, just half of area #4 & the Final area.  You can do this on the good or bad path, it’s whatever you choose.

Remember: You get regalia AFTER you get their good end. 

In addition to these endings, you can see a special “Dead End” ending for each of the 3 girls.  I’ll tell you those as we go along.

GOOD/BAD ENDING SPLIT: To get Fleta’s Good Ending, you must beat her at all her games.

You’re on the first floor of Fleta’s house.  Head up to the second.

Second Floor of Fleta’s House

It doesn’t matter which room you enter first.  Choose whichever you like.

RIGHT ROOM:  You will just have a talk with Fleta.  It doesn’t matter what choice you make here.

LEFT ROOM:  Game time!   You play a card flip game here.  Fleta always goes first, & finds Queen E the first time every time.

The cards are all the same.  Here’s what underneath all of them in order (Top left to right, then bottom left to right) : Egliette     Fox            Pumpkin      Rabbit Rabbit    Pumpkin    Egliette           Fox

Third Floor of Fleta’s House

RIGHT ROOM: This is Fleta’s library.  There’s just some lore here you’ll find interesting.  I’d check the ladder on the far right for the most important one.

LEFT ROOM:  This is Fleta’s “Most Special Room” - Her mirror room.

You’ll just interact with Fleta here.  The choice you make doesn’t matter.  When Fleta leaves, linger behind to talk to the middle mirror.  Then leave with her. Keep this room in mind for later.

Time to go to the next floor.

Fourth Floor of Fleta’s House

To the left is the star room, to the right is another mini game.

LEFT ROOM:  Another sit & talk with Fleta.  Again, the answer you give to her doesn’t matter.  It’s whatever you feel like. 

RIGHT ROOM: Get ready for a mini game!

Click on the lantern on the right to get started.  You’re going to be catching butterflies.  All you have to do is run and catch them. Just keep the shift key down.

Hide and Seek

Go in the star room while you’re looking for Fleta to get some lore.  

Fleta is hiding downstairs behind a chair in the right hand room on the first floor.

Now it’s your turn.  If you fail, you just get a (darkly humorous) game over.  

All you need to do is to go back to the pink room & check out the middle mirror.  Enter it. 

The Attic Dungeon

Welcome to the dungeon, hope you like your stay here.  Nah, just kidding-! unless.... Okay, let's be serious, let’s get out of here.

Head straight up until you can’t go any further. Then walk right until you see a flame on the top wall.  There’s a savebox a few steps to your right.  Now would be a good time to save.

Go right, head up.  Take a left first, look at the planks.  Then continue on the path until you get to the hole.  Backtrack to where the planks are, and go right.  You’ll be in a room where you’ll see the Witch Doll sitting on the chair.  Talk to the doll.  Shel’ll leave and throw a book on the floor.  Read the book.

Talk to the witch when she appears behind you.  She’ll give you some matches.  Use them on who you think the perp who stole her wand was.

Answer: It’s Isabella, the pink one.  

She’ll drop a key once she’s burned.  Use it on the door.

Attic Hidden Door

Go all the way up.  Take the pair of scissors.  You’ll be transported to a room with a mirror.  You can check that out.  

Go down and leave.

The Attic Dungeon

Go back to the savebox.  Save, and prepare for a chase scene.  

You’ll need to go back to the planks of wood.  Pick one up & run to the hole you saw earlier.  Place it there.

Now run where the footprints show you to go (right & up).  Press Z &/or Space to get out.  After she says it’s locked, use the rusty scissors.

Backyard Garden

Head up.  Time for a game of musical chairs.

All you have to do here is keep pressing “A”.  You don’t even need to time it.  Just keep pressing A over and over again.

DEAD END (Porcelain): Lose the game.   GOOD/BAD END:  Win at the chairs.

Watch the ending you get.  Then walk up.

There’s a pumpkin here.  It acts as a savebox.  Now is a good time to save.

Head into the hollow.



You’ll fall down a well.  Head left.  You’ll see a mirror there. Enter it.

Hall of Mirrors

You’ll walk down this hallway for about a minute.  Then, a pair of scissors will appear. Prepare yourself for a chase.

This chase is a bit of a pain.  You’re going to end up in dark corners where you won’t be able to see anything.  The best way to tell where you’re going is to turn up the volume on the sound effects so you can hear when the protagonist stops.    

At one point, a group of chasers will come at you from the left.  Rush back to the right, and then run from the other group.  Don’t worry, the chasers on the left have gone away now. 

Harpae’s Welcoming Room

There’s a savebox here.  Now is a good time to save.  

You’ll get a talking scene.  The choices you make while talking to her will not affect anything.

When she leaves, just click on all the things in the room for a bit, even if you clicked on them before.  This will trigger a noise.  As soon as you hear it, head out.  If you stay, you’ll get a game over.

Go outside, and head up the stairs.  You’ll go up another hallway full of stairs.


Dark Hallway

You’re just going to walk down until you see a cutscene. Go down until you see your first intersection, then go right.

There’s a savebox here.  Now is a good time to save.  Directly across is the library.  Feel around for the door below.


Read whatever you like.  There’s a gramaphone on the second floor. There are some wax cylinders hidden throughout Harpae’s area you can find and place in there.  They’re not necessary to get, but help with understanding the hidden plot of the game.

The Locations of the Wax Records (Cylinders) are as follows:

  • The right side of the second floor of the Library (walk around the railing).
  • One of the rooms on the first floor you can’t enter right now (you will only be able to enter the one this one is in).
  • The Study Room on the second floor
  • The Party Room on the 3rd Floor
  • The Room after the Party

I’ll go into more detail in each section.  Go ahead and get the Cylinder here if you’d like.

Whatever you do, go all the way to the top & turn left.  A book should fall.  Go ahead and look at it.  Then, leave the room.

Dark Hallway There’s a savebox here.  Now’s a good time to save in preparation for the next puzzle.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT HEARING IMPAIRED: The riddle basically means go up, then a little left, then up, and then right.  Stop when the door open.  If you move when the door opens, you die. The bell signals when you should turn right, the bird, left.

Here’s the steps: Eight up.  Stop when the bird caws. One left.  A dog will bark here. Six up, then freeze until the dog growls. Six up again.  Stop when you hear the bell. Three right.  Wait until the door shuts & the bell rings. Two right.  The protagonist will find the key for you.

Run back to the door.  It will automatically open.  


There’s an option in the System part of the menu that turns the hearing impaired mode on, giving you an alternate puzzle.  I haven’t played this puzzle myself though (I forgot to while beta testing bc someone else did whoops), but I heard it’s just waiting for pictures to leave the screen.  Ask the Pocket Mirror ask blog if you need help with it, they’ll know how to get through it :)

Wax Record Location: Go through the room the kid you were talking to was in.  Click on the glowing thing below the picture to obtain it, and then run out as fast as possible.  You will get a game over if you stay too long.  It would be helpful to save beforehand, just in case (you probably don’t want to do the above puzzle over again).

Go back to the savebox area.  Go right from there.  When you see the grandfather clock/reach the end of the hall, go up.  

Watch the cutscene.  Head Down.  The chandeler will fall.  Keep heading down.  Another cutscene will play.  

If you want to see Harpae’s good ending without losing your progress, now would be a good time to head back to the savebox &  save.

Once you finish, go back to the cutscene area & head down, then right.  Go up the stairs.  You will see Harpae again.


Reception Room

You will talk with Harpae.  It doesn’t matter if you lie to her or if you tell her the truth, just if you decide to stay or leave with her.

If you want to get the DEAD END, choose to go with her.  DO NOT SAVE IF YOU CHOOSE TO GO WITH HER.  You will screw yourself over as there’s no way out of it.

Really, if you go to the bottom floor (the one below the forth one, “IV”) any time, you’ll get the Dead End.  You’re just forced to go to the Dead End here.

If you’re not getting the dead end, choose to stay.  When Harpae leaves, go into the door at the top.  

Gold Mirror

Talk to the mirror.  Watch a cutscene.  You will automatically be taken back to the reception room.

Reception Room

After the cutscene, click on the painting.  Harpae will tell you not to linger, and you’ll follow her out.  

While it’s not necessary unless you want some pumpkin charms & the Wax Record (Cylinders), go back into the second floor doors (marked with the roman numerals “II”).  There’s also a savebox here.  You don’t have to save here, but now is a good time to anyway.

Wax Record Location: The room on the right is the study room.  Climb the ladder.

Leave the hallway via the bottom door.  You will be at the staircase again.  If you want the DEAD END, follow Harpae all the way down.  If you want to grab some extra charms and a wax cylinder, check out those rooms.  

If you’re ready to continue the game, go down the stairs and enter the third floor (Marked with “III” as in the Roman numerals for 3).


Looping Corridor   There’s a savebox here.  Now is a good time to save.

Head left, then turn up.  You’ll pass by 3 rooms you won’t be able to access now.  Turn right with the hallway & enter the next room.   Talk to the crying dress.  She’ll give you a mission to find her necklace. Head right, & go down when you reach the doors.  

The Courtyard

Head down, & then right after you go down the stairs under the blue light. It’s hard to see, but here’s a picture to help:

Keep going until you see the doors.  Doesn’t matter which one you enter as long as you enter one of them. Then head right once you get in.


The Bathroom

The rosary is located on the mirror to the right.  Once you pick them up, get ready for a chase.  The best advice for this is to walk instead of run.  Avoid the black stuff easier that way.  Press Z & the space bar at the same time to get out faster.

Looping Corridor

Head up from here, & then left.  You’ll be brought back to where you saw the floaty dress.  She won’t be there, but other floaty dresses will.  Go into the now open doors.

Party Room

Wax Record Location: Head immediately for the piano, & click on it (I think you click on it directly down from the mirror - click around to be sure).  You only have a limited time here, so do that first.

Enter and talk with the guest for the bit.  Then, a cutscene will happen.  

Looping Corridor 

Go left.  Go back down to the first door in the hallway (the bottom one).  It will have a mirror you can summon Enjel in. Do so. Then, go back out and click on all the doors that were blocked off on the left and right side of the corridor.

On the left side of the corridor, you can eavesdrop on the middle door.  The top door has a dictionary you should read all the way through.

On the right side of the corridor, there are 2 rooms you can eavesdrop in, the top one & the bottom one. The middle was the bathroom you came out of earlier.

Once you’re done with those, go talk to the host if you think you figured out who the real killer was (if you haven't that's okay)  Save first though, just in case.

Party Room

Tell the nice man who you think the killer is.  

Answer: It’s the lady in the white dress, the one on the left.

Dark Room

Go all the way to the bottom of the left wall.  Click around to talk to the crying girl.  She’ll tell you there’s a window you’ll need to open up.  It’s right in the center of the room, so head up. Say “yes” to climbing the chair.

A note will fall.  Read it.  It just means use your Pocket Mirror here (or again if you just used it).  

Wax Record Location:  Use your Pocket Mirror here again.  Make sure you’re facing left.  Some art supplies should appear to your right.  Check it out for the fifth and final Cylinder.

Grab the keys and give them to the crying girl.  Go out the door afterwords.

First Floor, Dark Hallway Go down & back to the stairs.  Easy peasy.

If you want to listen to all of your wax records, now is a great time to do it.  You won’t be able to come back here after you go through a certain door on the forth floor.


Go all the way down to the 4th floor.  Enter that room.


Knocking Room

There’s a save box here.  Now’s a great time to save.

You’ll hear some banging.  Go into the two other rooms, then go back out.  Go to the wall underneath the chandeller.  Click on it.  Rip the wallpaper off.  Once you go through here, you won’t be able to go back.  This isn’t important unless you want to listen to your wax cylinders.

The Blue Attic

GOOD/BAD ENDING SPLIT: This is where the things you say/do to Harpae matter.  Here’s the choices in the order you have to make them:

Harpae’s good end formula: Don't help her / "Yes" (To hold her hand) / Don't help her / "That was dangerous" / Rest with her / Hold her hand / Appeal to Harpae

Anyway, go through the upper door once you made your choices.  

The next door you either push everything out of the way yourself (bad end) or you let Harpae do it.  If you let Harpae do it, all you have to do is push a chair out of the way at the end.

Go through the door.  Make your choice, then go into the elevator.

Crash Landing

Make your choices, and go right.  Then, go down.  

There will be a window that will break, take the yellow flute it gives you.  Go to the left, & then down.

In the next room, you’ll see something red.  That’s another Flute.  Pick it up.  Then go to the right & walk down.

In the next room, go through the scissor maze to pick up the blue flute.  Then go down the stairs to the left (it’s hard to see but they’re there.)

In the next room, go down, go all the way right, then all the way down, then all the way left, then up.  Go down the stairs and grab the black flute (it appears as a purple sprite, don’t worry) .

Flute Puzzle

The door is opened by inserting the right combo of flutes.  The clue is in the music for the area itself.  You can play the flutes from your inventory before you put them in their holes.

Here’s the order for the lazy or frustrated:

RED - 1 BLACK - 2 YELLOW - 3 BLUE - 4

Watch the cutscene.  Then go in throught the door you just opened.  Then, keep going until you encounter another cutscene.

Elevator Room There’s a savebox here.  Now would be a good time to save.

Go to the left or right of the elevator.  You will enter a theater.

Harpae’s Theater Watch the cutscene, then leave.  Get on the elevator.

Harpae’s Top Floor

No matter which ending you get, go down & click on the letter.

The Stone Docks There’s a savebox here.  Now would be a good time to save.

Hop on the boat when it comes.  This will take you to the next chapter.


You’ll get off on the other side of the river. Head left.

Checkered Hallway

When you get to the rope, there’s a save box next to it on the left.   There’s a savebox here.  Now would be a good time to save.

GOOD/BAD ENDING DIVERGENCE: There are only 2 choices that matter in Lisette’s area: saying that you remember her name and saying “yes” to wanting to help her.  You can either make another save here, say “Harpae told me” at the Tea Party, and then replay the whole level from this point, OR you can do what I like to do and save right before the next choice later so you don’t have to repeat most of Lisette’s world again. 

Keep going left once you get off of the boat.  You’ll come to an area with a rope, and will see the witch doll again. Before you can follow her, you must pull on the rope.  To avoid a cheap death, pull on it from the bottom and move out of the way right after you do so.  

Check on the wall that just exploded.  A pathway should open up behind you.  Go down it.

To give the pumpkin a face, you will have to go back up and take the pair of scissors that almost stabbed you earlier.  Use it on the pumpkin, and then take ‘em with you.  Mind the jumpscare.

Dark Checkered Hallway

Head left.  Mind the jumpscare.  Go up.  Mind the other jumpscare.  Then go right.  

Up at the turn.  Then left at the fork. Keep going up & left as much as you can, until you reach the checked floor again.  Hopefully, I lead you the right way and not into the chaser that you can find in one area of the hallway (duh).

Watch the cutscene.

Lightbulb Room Check the picture in the room.  When you hear knocking & the voices, head left to a door on the wall.  

Do this two more times.

Now is another cutscene.

Tea Party

When the cutscene is over, go to the back wall & leave.  Mind the jumpscare. (If you want Lisette's good ending pick "I remembered your name" when asked.)

Giant Hole 

There’s a savebox here.  Now is a good time to save.  

Jump down the rope.  Keep heading down.

Water Landing

Swim upwards from where you landed.  A cutscene will play.

An automatic save will pop up here.  Now’s a good time to save if you don’t want to repeat another cutscene.

Dark Cage Room

Go up & then right in the darkened room.  Another cutscene will play.

Sheet Room

In the sheet room, just stay on the path (it’s not like you can go anywhere else but hey).  When the sheet falls on your head, press both z & spacebar to get out from underneath it quicker.

Letter Room - Also Known as the Red & Blue Light Room

Read the letter on the ground.  Take note of the last line of the poem.  Those are the answers to the riddle.

After you read the letter, place the Pocket Mirror on each of the lights.  You have to be standing directly on top of the lights to place it down.  Every time you get an answer right, remove the pocket mirror from the light and place the shard in it.  You want them to intersect and create a point down the middle.



Then, place your Pocket Mirror on the new light.  Don’t pick it up until after you read the book & the Lisettes fully rise from their coffins.  That is your way out.

Waterlogged Corridor

There’s a savebox here.  Now’s a good time to save.

Go up.  Talk to the girls in the room.  Give the one on the floor your candy cane.  Go back the way you came

Looping Hallawy

This hallway loops on itself.  Try and find a point where it repeats (where the main character goes ???) and flip back and forth until you see a set of double doors.  Enter them.

Mirror Floor Rooms

Just keep going up.  Then, when you can’t go up no more, go down.  You don’t really need my help here.

Wavy Hallways

Just keep going down.  Follow the letters.  Then, follow Lisette.  You can do this just fine on your own.   You don’t really need my help here.

Underwater Circus

There’s a savebox here.  Now’s a good time to save.

Go up & into the tent.  Watch the cutscene.

Unless you want an extra death or a DEAD END that gives you a hint to the story, choose accept.  Watch the cutscene, and then leave out the back.  

Behind the Circus Tent

There’s a savebox here.  Now is a good time to save, (onsidering there’s a chase scene here as well as a…

—————————- MAIN ENDING DIVERGENCE ————————– I’d recommend you save two files here.  One for your all or no regalia’s ending(s),  and one for your incomplete regalia ending.  The choice coming up is the make or break point for all of this.

Now follow that trail of blood.  As soon as you stop talking to Lisette, slam the shift key and get the heck out of there.

Run a bit left, then run back right until you see the heard of Lisettes.  Then run like hell to the left.

GOOD/BAD ENDING SPLIT: Say “yes” for the good ending, say “no” for the bad ending.  You’d also have to say “I remembered your name” when Lisette ask back at the tea party.

Cross Carpet

Just watch the sequence of images happen. When the mouth stops talking, walk into it (you’ll know what I mean when you see it.


Go up until the throat gets stabbed.  Then go the way the blade punctured.

Letter Room

Look at the small door.  Then check the scissors that fall down.  There will be a letter that falls after that.  Read the letter.

Church Courtyard & Church

There’s a savebox here.  Now’s a good time to save. You can just go straight up to the next cutscene.

The Mirror Maze - Area 1

Ready for this, buddy?  Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think.  c:

There’s a savebox here.  Step towards one of the mirrors before you save. Ok, now is a good time to save.

The goal of this maze is to find a pair of scissors, & then find a mirror with no reflection in it.  This is also like the hell maze in Yume Nikki where there’s chasers in various parts of the maze.  Feel free to explore, you can find some extra stuff here (including an alternate pair of scissors I didn’t mention - don’t worry, there’s no difference between them).  

The easiest way to get a pair of scissors is to head north.  All the way, don’t turn at the first turn or else WHAM - Lisette chaser.  Make sure to run as you do this.  Turn right when you can’t go north anymore, and then go south & left.  This loops around the chaser, so dash back down to the save box and save.  

Now go to the south path from the save box.  Keep going on the path you chose, don’t go on that diverging area over there.  At the dead end of this area, there’s a mirror with no reflection.  Talk to it twice, and choose “go through”.


Go right, north, right, then left at the first intersection. There’s a mirror surrounded by candles. 

Mirror with candles

Interact with it twice.  Break it, & walk through. 

Watch the ending you got.

The Inbetween

There’s a savebox here.  Now’s a great time to save. You don’t need me for this part.


The Star Theater

Ok, take a moment to enjoy the scenery.   There’s a savebox here.  Now would be a great time to save.

The path here is easy to follow.   You’ll be transported further along by hopping on the moon swing, and then you’ll be on another easy to follow path.  After the cutscene, there will be a savebox.  Now would be a good time to save, especially if you want to figure out the next puzzle for yourself.

Door Puzzle

The game actually gives you the solution before you end up on the ribbon. Its red, blue, green, green, yellow, blue, red..

From here, you will be transported to another hallway.  

The Taunt

There will be another cutscene.  Once it ends, you’ll have a monster Enjel chasing after you.  You could run through the whole thing, or you could run a little bit out of the way and then walk for a bit.  This way, everything that’s falling around you will fall before you get there, so you don’t immediately get hit.  Then, you can just walk/run around it.

After the chase, you’ll be transported to another linear area, then watch another cutscene.  After that, follow Enjel up. A path will open to your right.  Go down it.

Enjel’s Theater

There’s a savebox here. Now would be a good time to save (unless you want to do that chase scene over again).  Click on the mirror & watch the cutscene.

When it’s over, save, then leave the room & go where Enjel went.

The Stained Glass Hallway

You’ll walk into another cutscene.

Depending on what ending you get (either all or no regalia), be prepared to run.  The incomplete one will end right here.  Enjoy your ending :)

This chase is going to be a pain because Enjel’s going to be behind you all the time. Go right at Fleta’s, go left at Harpae’s, and just go Straight Up for Lisette’s.

You don’t need to hold the arrow keys when you’re running from her on the stairs.  My advice is to just press both Z & Space at the same time.  Twice the tapping, twice the input, twice as fast.

No Regalia will end here.  You’ll just follow the pumpkin.

The Final Area

—————————- MAIN ENDING DIVERGENCE ————————–

You and Enjel are about to have a race.  The ending will depend on who wins it first.  If you want to be first, hold down “Shift” & run as soon as you see her (yes, when she appears & talks to you).  Both endings are good endings.  

…yay, you’re finished!  Make another save for the “new game plus” to access the bonus rooms, and celebrate!




  • The MC's favorite food is apple strudel.
  • Goldia was diagnosed with lunacy, dissociation, and dementia praecox (an old medical term for schizophrenia), all of which fall under Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Her Regalia is her golden pocket mirror. Its lid is beautifully adorned with a fancy flower pattern. The letter "G" can be spotted on its back.
  • Fleta's dress was originally intended to be mint green.
  • The finger you see in the bloodied room where Goldia first wakes up and then visits shortly after leaving is actually Enjel's missing finger.
  • The game heavily implies, and later confirms in the extra room, that Harpae is blind.